The Down & Dirty Financials

On this blog, we have shared a lot of astounding (and depressing) numbers relating to poverty, hunger, and those in the greater Seattle area who go without. We have shared some amazing numbers about OSL’s meals, our clients, and pounds of food that we are able to rescue from local partners. We love to tell stories of what these numbers look like, putting a face to the faceless, and sharing the names of the nameless.

But today, we are going to do what makes us cringe. We are going to put away the humanitarian aspect of the work we do, and try to put it all into 6 simple numbers: the Down & Dirty Financials.

  • 4 million meals that OSL has served since our inception in 1989
  • $2.7 million 2014 total budget
  • $800,000 OSL needs to raise in donations in 2014
  • 91 Cents of every dollar donated to OSL goes directly to meal creation.
  • 4 Dollars of in-kind food we are able to secure with every dollar donated
  • 1 Person needed to save someone’s life.

That person can be you.

Today is the Seattle Foundations GiveBig event. Today, May 6th, a little bit further. The meal that you fund today might create another in Seattle Foundations Stretch Pool, or an additional 250 meals if we win a Golden Ticket.

Visit our Seattle Foundation profile here and support our work.

Together, we can save somebody’s life.